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Research and Development

SINOSI R&D team and operation
SINOSI has a team of professional specialists and experts in geology, mineral, metallurgy, chemistry, machinery, electron, solar energy and international trading in the silica and silicon producing and trading business field in the world wide who have more than 10 to 20 years experiences for the research, testing, producing, quality controlling, business holding and team managing in the world wide market. Their profound theory and successful practical operation experience has been unanimously recognized and highly regarded in the field.

SINOSI technicians have actively combined traditional exploration, mining, processing techniques and modern smelting, purifying, analysis and controlling techniques and mechanics together. Through the study of geological theory of SiO2, Silicon molecule dynamics theory, granularity crystal plasticity deformation theory, molecule fission theory, inner crystal air-raid impurity deformation theory and other theories, handling the core sample to purifying refine process by mathematical models, Online QCS testing and controlling of materials and finished products with instruments of millionth to billionth precision, to ensure SINOSI to be the constant and steady provider of high-purity and super granularity silica and silicon materials to customers all over the world.

SINOSI silica and silicon resources
Our silica mines including quartz and crystal cover the provinces of Hebei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Tibet, Gansu, Shanxi, Anhui, and Jiangxi provinces in China. At the mean time, we also choose some mine sites in India and Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Russia, Brazil and U.S. etc. The contain of the silica mine sites for which we have and share mining licenses is more than 5 billion metric tons and about 810 million metric tons of them can reach to the grade of crystal.

The silicon materials for the chemical industry, coating and filling industry, optic and glass industry, IC and PV industry coving around China and spread to the world wide market. Meanwhile, some of this silicon materials from oversea such as Japan, US, Germany, Korea etc. are also well serviced for China customers depending on SINOSI’s trading and related service accordingly.

SINOSI R&D responsibility
SINOSI has expertise and experience of successful producing and merchandising silica and silicon materials for many years. We have well-established business cooperation with domestic and international silica and silicon material users. While we are fully aware of the technology and marketing of world’s silica and silicon material industry, we realized that the quality of silica and silicon materials, especially the chemical components and physical properties such as purity, particle size, resistance and so on in order to bring Sinosi’s silica and silicon materials become the first-class materials in the world wide market and performance for any of the further producing and trading.

SINOSI R&D method and testing
SINOSI is supported by domestic and international technical institution, such as former Ministry of Geology & Mineral Resources of China, Ministry of Chemical Industry, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Chemical Industry Research Institute, Physical and Chemical Analysis Institution of MGMRC, National Silica glass Center for Physical and Chemical Analysis and other scientific research institutions. Using the advanced experiences of mining, crushing, grinding, classification, dewatering, thermal processing and calcination, purifying, smelting as well as QCS controlling of the finished products with instruments of millionth to billionth precision, we may keep to produce and supply the high-purity, super-fined, spherical-powder silica and silicon materials to the world wide market.

SINOSI R&D instruments and performance
SINOSI utilizes highly restricted testing and analyzing instrument in the lab. and producing line in order to provide a performance for the processing and final result . Below listed are several generally adapted instruments:

1. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
2. Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry;(ICP-AES)
3. Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)
4. Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS)
5. Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (AFS)
6. Moleccular Spectroscopy (MS)
7. X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF)
8. Ion Chromatography (IC)
9. Polarography, Ion Selective Electrodes and Other Electro-Chemical Analysis Techniques.

All procedure shall be tested and filed as per SINOSI internal regulations, and all products must be inspected before leaving the factory or warehouse to ensure the product quality.

SINOSI R&D Achievements
We are currently researching and developing some of new silica and silicon materials  and related products, and the key items are as follow:

1. Nano Meter Silica Powder
We have achieved a new type of 20 to 500 nano meter silica power with a 99.9% SiO2 purity in the laboratory and also successed in the producing line. The BET surface has been reached to 20 square meters per gram (20M2/g), and keep an amorphous and hydrophilic type by a particle size.

2. Spherical Fused Silica Micro Powder
Our spherical fused silica micro powder (SSP Series) has been reached to SiO2 purity 99.99% min, spherical ratio 98%, and particle size 0.15u in the laboratory and SiO2 purity 99.9% min. spherical ratio 95% min. and particle size 0.5 to 15u with a good D50 size distribution in our producing line.

3. High Purity Quartz Sand
Our high purity quartz sand (HPQ Series) now has been achieved the SiO2 purity 6N (99.9999%) in the laboratory and 4 to 5N (99.99 to 99.999%) on the production line. This materials are widely used for the crucible, tube, rod and plate/disc and so on for PV and lighting industries.

4. Solar grade mono and polycrystalline silicon
We have achieved the new technique for producing and purifying of the silicon materials which is using for the PV industry in the solar energy field. The focus of this new technique is using the modern smelting, chemical processing and purifying instead of the traditional Siemen’s way which will be down more the producing cost and still reach to Si purity 6N (99.9999%) min. and electric resistance 0.5ohm/cm min.

5. Silicon Carbon Coating Material
As a cooperate partner with Optimum Polymer Technologies (USA), we now are authorized as the exclusive distributor in China market for providing the silicon carbon coating material in China market which can be widely used for painting, lens, glass, hub and so on in the car care business field and PV glass industry.  

You are always welcome in our SINOSI team
We, SINOSI welcome all exports and specialists in this field to join our SINOSI R&D team. If you feel any interesting, please kindly contact our Human Resources Dept. by:

E-MAIL: jobs@sinosi.com or jobs@sinosi.org


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