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Group Mission Concept
Let the world cognizes China, and let China rises in the world!
SINOSI will make the greatest efforts toward the mission!

Action Concept
Responsibility is along with ability; details make the differences; it all depends on human effort.
One without responsibility in mind is useless, no matter how good the person is,
One without attention to details will face much distance toward success.

Professional Concept
Characters lead the fate, habits makes the future!
Building up the good working and living habits, establishing concordant professional characters, creating great business moral and action criterion.

Development Concept
Pursuing determination standard, highly demonstrating our strengths! 

Product Concept
No best, only better and better!

Service Concept
The customer is never the obstacle; it’s all depending on our attentions and efforts.

Market concept
It is never the end to catch up the market, so we have to care our dear customers while pay close attention to the market.
Cost concept
The work efficiency will make the different for the harmony between goods and cost.

Profit concept
The Cost efficiency is always based on the profit ratio, so we are paying special attention to the saving and diligent working atmosphere. Constantly explore and pursue the highest profit margin because it is how we will survive.

Management concept
We are seeking reasonable management style and harmony environment, which is
our everlasting mission.

Prosecution concept
Never satisfy the past achievement, future is always for breakthrough and innovation.

Your TRUST is what we pursuit!
Your SUPPORT is how we survive!
Your SATISFACTION is why we improve!
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