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 Website Announcement
This website is jointly established and created by SINOSI Group Corporation and its subsidiary companies (SINOSI as in short name). SINOSI Sci-Tech Beijing Co. Ltd. is authorized for the website related works in operation, maintenance, and management. Any entry, browse, and usage of the website shall read this announcement firstly. Please do not enter the website if you are disagreed with the announcement content. If you enter the website continually, which means you have read, understood, agreed, engaged the restriction of this announcement, and further abide all relevant laws and codes. Without any previous notice, SINOSI has the right to change, modify, and renew the contents in this announcement.

 Website Domain Name Announcement
SINOSI owns website domain names including www.sinosi.com, sinosi.cn, sinosi.org, company’s marks, designs, brands, logos, words. Any unit, company or person shall not use partial or entire above mentioned domain names and marks without written permission from SINOSI.

 Copyright Announcement
All contents and rights in this website shall totally own by SINOSI or correlated authorized personals, including but not limited to: website content, original design and idea, logo, character, chart, graph, data, picture, sound or video. You can not copy, reform, diffuse, print or publish, transfer, recompose or display the website contents in any method, without previous written permission from SINOSI, as well for any usage on server other than the ones owned by SINOSI. Any such behavior or action, which are without SINOSI written permission shall be treated disobey <<Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China>> and correlated laws and codes and relevant provisions from international convention.

 Privacy Announcement
SINOSI will not allow public or diffuse any information registered in this website, except:
1. previously obtain authorization from the owner;
2. based on requirement from the relevant laws and regulations;
3. according to the judgment or arbitration from courtroom or arbitration organization;
4. in term of the requirements from the correlated government department;
5. user violation or any other damage SINOSI interest behavior.

 Liability Exemption Announcement
1) SINOSI does not guarantee the accuracy, timely efficiency, integration, reliability of the contents in this website, neither for any result from using the contents;
2) SINOSI and relevant personals do not guarantee that users could enter, browse or use this website in all times. And SINOSI shall not be responsible for any out of commission or wrongfully usage of the website and its contents.
3) In any circumstance, SINOSI and relevant personals shall not be responsible for any action or decision made by the users based on entry or using of the website and its contents, neither for any direct, indirect, punitive damage might caused by entering and using this website, and other damage forms are including but not limited to operation interruption, data missing or profit loss.
4) SINOSI and relevant personals shall not be responsible for any virus or devastating program infection to your computer system or others software, hardware, IT system property damages caused by entry or using of the website and its contents.
5) SINOSI and relevant personals shall not be responsible for any direct and indirect damage caused by a third party illegally entry for this website password, data, and contents.

 Website Link Announcement
SINOSI shall not be responsible for any user browsing to other link through this website, which is not in control of SINOSI for such behavior. In addition, the link to other website through us does not mean the permission from SINOSI or be responsible for the contents and usage in website other than ours. You shall be cautious to enter other websites, which might bring virus or other damageable program to your computer.

 Applied Laws and Domination Announcement
SINOSI and this website legally announce that any disputes and lawsuit related to the website and its announcement shall lawfully under the current laws and codes of the People’s Republic of China, and shall execute under the jurisdiction of the courtroom where SINOSI and SINOSI Sci-Tech Beijing Co. Ltd. located at.
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