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Silica & Silicon Materials   -  Fluorine Silicon
Fluorinated Silicone Rubber
Product Re-order No.: SS/FM/FR
Application: Widely applied in industrial areas such as spaceflight, space navigation, war industry, auto, cable and rubber processing and so on.

Fluorinated Silicone Oil
Product Re-order No.: SS/FM/SO

Appearance: Colorless and light yellow transparence liquid,
Viscidity: 300~10000CP/25℃
Freezing Point: ≤-30℃。
Use: Applied in Nuclear Industry, spaceflight, aviation machine, instruments and so on.
Packing: 5 kg/ plastic drum and 200kg/ iron drum


Fluorinated Silicone Resin
Product Re-order No.: SS/FM/FR
Appearance: light yellow viscous Liquor
Solid content: % 45-50
Hydroxyl content: % 0.6
Density: g/ml(25℃)1.06
Use: Applied in confecting metal
protective coatings, Anti-corrsion
Coatings and multi-functional coatings

Fluorosilicone rubber AFS®-R-1000M
Product Re-order No.: SS/FM/AFS-R-1000M

Discription30-80 durometer, off-white, uncatalyzed fluorosilicone rubber base.
Typical values: Properties obtained using 2.0phr Heat-resist additive and 0.6phr DHBP ( 2.5-bis (tert-butyl peroxy)2.5dimethyl hexane on 2.0-2.2mm slabs,molded 10min at 170,post-cured 4hr at 200.
PackageComplex bags made with aluminum and plastic. Each sack is 10 kg. 2 sacks are put in 1 box
StorageValidity is 2 years. Shall be put in dry and ventilate places


HTV,Silicone Rubber
Product Re-order No.: SS/HR/HS
Appearance and Properties:colorless transparent liquid, free of mechanic impurity
Performance and Applications:This product is undissolvable in water, and dissolvable in toluene. Its products have little distortion after compresses with fine characteristics of saturation vapor resistance. It can be used in the manufacture of temperature resistant, air proof materials and damp proof insulation materials in the industry of aviation, electron, mechanism and chemistry etc. In the industry of medicine and sanitation, as a raw material of milling silicon latex, it can be used in the production of artificial apparatus and medical pipes for its physiological inertia.
Packing::It should be packed in the carton with an inner plastic bag 25kg load.

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